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Resources We Offer

Let us find the right program for your child!
Your child may not have an interest in holding a camera but maybe they'd love to be in front of it! There are many programs that offer theater, acting, and modeling classes.
If your child has strong writing skills, then taking a class in screenwriting, short stories, novels, or poetry may be exactly what they need to get their creative juices flowing.
Cooking at home with your children can be considered as "spending quality time" with them but do you have a child that seems to have a natural knack for putting together delicious meals or can catch on to a recipe after only applying it once? We can find a program or class that can enhance their talent and teach them presentation.
Do you find your child dancing even when there is no music playing and when you watch them you realize they are actually pretty good? Let us find a class that can teach them choreography and the basics to enhance their skills.
If your child has a good eye for beautiful sceneries or can take a great picture with a smart phone, he or she may be able to capture some great moments if they had a trained eye! Better yet, if they want to take it a step further learning angles in videography may be an adventure!
Has singing always been something your child has been interested in? We can find your child a voice trainer  or a class that gives vocal instruction. 

Fashion Design

Many young kids have a passion for fashion but is it a little more extreme for your child? Are they recreating their own clothes or drawing outfits they would love to wear? Well fashion design may be perfect for your child. 
Are you amazed when your child makes you a creative gift for a holiday? Do you feel like their ideas are original and special? Taking some classes and learning how to implement tools like contrast, blending, and balance may give them what they need to make their art aesthetic!