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Diana Ivelis Cherubin-Wolfe


Diana Ivelis knows, first-hand, the challenges of having a child who is a talented actor but not knowing how to get them started professionally. Since 2014, she’s been managing her three children in the entertainment industry, moving from their hometown in Pennsylvania to Southern California. With her experience and knowledge of the industry, she’s helped her son land a series regular role on a popular prime-time network television series.

Diana’s innate ability to successfully navigate the industry has led to her becoming a talent agent in Los Angeles—working in the youth department—submitting talented children for amazing opportunities and helping parents understand what is needed for their children to succeed. She is most active in her “Affirm Your Star” Facebook group and YouTube channel where she shares tips, tools and resources that can aid any supportive parent in helping their child become a successful actor.


Travis Wolfe

Board Member

Vice President

Founder of WolfeMpowerment Group

Kellie Baylor-Green

Board Member


RN who specializes in palliative care, Med Surg. neuromuscular care and wounds.

Bianka Rios

Board Member

Public Relations Committee

Phlebotomist at University of Penn Hospital



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Owner of New Destinies Community Development Corporation and New Destinies Kids, LLC. 

Sharon Williams

Board Member

Owner of 1LoveTravel Agency.

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