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Diana Cherubin


Is a mother of three and wife to Travis T. Wolfe, a retired sergeant with the Philadelphia Police Department and founder of WolfeMpowerment Group. After being in the cosmetology industry for over ten years exercising her artistic talents as a hairstylist and make-up artist, Diana found that she had an insatiable desire to serve and serving the youth brought her true fulfillment. During her journey of being a momager for six years after her two oldest children decided they wanted to become professional actors, she stumbled upon some eye opening information. Over the course of the six years her children were acting, they had trained in some of their other talents as well– dancing, playing musical instruments, modeling, photography, emceeing and videography. Diana noticed that since her children had been active in the arts, their behavior had improved, as well as their grade point averages in school. Realizing their progression after the introduction of the arts into their lives, Diana began to research whether or not there was a correlation. She found many studies dating as far back as the 1970's that support the argument that there is a strong correlation between the arts and higher academic performance. Diana made a decision at that point to study and research the direct benefits of the arts to increased academic performance and personal growth. Armed with this knowledge, Diana made it her mission to help other children who may be struggling in school or at home– behaviorally and/or academically. Thus, Star In You, Inc. was born!


Travis Wolfe

Board Member

Vice President

Founder of WolfeMpowerment Group

Kellie Baylor-Green

Board Member


RN who specializes in palliative care, Med Surg. neuromuscular care and wounds.

Rakeema Harris

Board Member

Public Relations Committee

Owner of New Destinies Community Development Corporation and New Destinies Kids, LLC. 

Bianka Rios

Board Member

Public Relations Committee

Phlebotomist at University of Penn Hospital

Sharon Williams

Board Member

Owner of 1LoveTravel Agency.